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Are you ready to be Positive Powered?  Social Positive offers a simple yet awesome suite of tools to enhance and improve your current web presence, or build an entire new and shiny website with our fantastically simple CMS. 

Want to get started?  Contact us today!  Or take a look at some of our positive options:
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    Positive Marketing

    Coming Soon!  Simple ways to drop a Positive on your site (as sub-domain) and market all the good stuff you're doing.  Setup in minutes.  Broadcast your positive message to the world.

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    Positive SEO

    Coming Soon!  Add an SEO-powering set of pages to your existing site (as a sub-Domain) to drive better ranking, faster indexing and more traffic for less $$$.

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    New!  Add a Positive to your existing site that offers a fully interactive mini-community based on social rewards and positive feedback.  Offer users the ability to claim success, track goals, earn reputation and awards, and stay on track. 

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    Create a standard, topical community on SocialPositive.com (free), or create a custom community as a sub-domain on your current site -- in your theme, with your brand, and under your control.  Drive User Generated Content and SEO, increase customer satisfaction, decrease customer service costs and increase conversion.  Check out some specific examples by market.

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    Positive Core Sub-Domains

    Coming Soon!  Well, actually, this is available now but you've got to wrap your head around it.  Think of the main pages on your site as your key message, the landing pages for SEM campaigns, and the place where you put all your design mojo and $.  What about the rest of your site?

    Does anyone really care how stylish your Terms of Use is?  Nope.  Create a Positive for everything on your site except your key landing pages, which you can style to your heart's content in any CMS on the planet.  And use us for the remaining Core of your site.  Crazy?  Maybe, but it's also fast, easy and it works.

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    Want a web CMS that's easy, user-friendly, powerful, SEO-optimized, hosted, inexpensive and generally awesome?  You've come to the right place.  Build your entire web presence on Social Positive, and get everything above as part of the package.  We can convert your existing Blog or Website as a service, and do a full conversion for you in a matter of days.  Get started today!

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    Positive Consulting & Design

    If you want a custom community theme and layout, better SEO, advice or help on content moderation, or pretty much anything else to help positize your web presence, we're here to help with oodles of skill and experience.  Drop us a line, and let's talk.

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    Ready to Get Positive?

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