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A Businessman with Real World Experience
Carl DeMaio is a businessman-turned-civic watchdog who represents the 5th District on the City Council. 

Carl offers voters a simple but timely pledge: Clean Up City Hall. A Businessman with Real World Experience After college, Carl founded two successful businesses before the age of thirty.
In 2000, he launched the Performance Institute, a non-partisan, private think tank dedicated to reforming government through the principles of performance, transparency, competition and accountability. Carl built the organization into the largest government reform think tank in the nation and the leading authority on performance-based management in government, law enforcement, non-profits and schools.
In 2003, Carl founded the American Strategic Management Institute (ASMI), which provides training and education in corporate financial and performance management.
In late 2007, Carl sold both of his companies to Thompson Publishing Group.

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I really look forward to seeing you all tonight.  Another great event.

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